Its time to simplify Cyber Monitoring

As organisations implement hyper-connected IT and OT systems, monitoring, investigating and addressing incidents can pose a challenge. With countless moving parts and an expansive attack surface, it can be difficult to see links between incidents and uncover hidden trends.

The answer? PROPHECy – Our sovereign security orchestrator (SOAR) that enables teams to monitor, visualise and understand attacks, as well as automating their response.

Unlike other solutions of its kind, PROPHECy enables users to model the links between incidents and alerts through easy-to-understand graphs. To complement this, it offers automated response workflow that take the pressure off teams.

PROPHECy is a security orchestrator (or SOAR) that allows you to visualize and
understand the attack attempts on your IS and protect you from them by automating your response.

PROPHECy is a sovereign solution dedicated to the monitoring and remediation of Cyber incidents. It offers a unique modeling of the links between incidents and alerts specific to the same phenomenon, in the form of graphs, as well as automated response workflows.


  • Accelerate the speed at which you qualify security incidents
  • Catalyse efficient incident response collaboration
  • Automate qualification and response actions
  • Improve your immediate operational capacity with built-in connectors
  • Minimise operational costs (staffing, licensing, set-ups etc.)
  • Enhance interoperability with other tools (like <Orion Malware>)

<Download the brochure> to learn more about PROPHECy

The solution is easily integrated into an IT infrastructure and simplifies interoperability with security tools (such as Orion Malware).

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The key features of PROPHECy

Powerful visualisation tools

Based on automated data enrichment and consolidation, PROPHECy offers users an unmatched overview of their entire threat landscape through easy-to-understand relational graphs.

Enhanced collaboration

PROPHECy will enable you to investigate and remedy solutions as a team. That’s because it’s been developed by SOC analysts, for SOC analysts. Features designed to enhance collaboration include a modern ticketing interface, templates and shared workflows.

Enabling resource optimisation

Thanks to PROPHECy’s library of ready-to-use connectors, you can orchestrate and automate incident response using simple visual workflows.

Harnessing artificial intelligence

PROPHECy delivers enhanced embedded intelligence. Its dedicated AI modules will automatically adapt your security posture, as well as finding patterns and trends that are tough for human analysts to spot.

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