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Airbus Defence and Space Cyber is a sovereign advanced simulation platform which enables users to easily model IT/OT systems composed of tens or hundreds of machines in order to carry cyber-training, cyber-assessment, preproduction qualification. It comes with a large set of templates ready to be deployed as well as scenarios of cyberattacks ready to be run, both extensible and customizable. Airbus CyberRange provides a collaborative environment for teams who work on the same projects and benefit from a large community of users who shares contents through the CyberRange HUB portal.

Orion Malware

Orion Malware is a sovereign advanced file-based threats detection and analysis platform which combines static and dynamic detection engines based on artificial intelligence, heuristics, rules and signatures. Cyberteams interact with a web portal to use and manage the platform including the policy of detection.



20220594 ProphecyIllustration Prophecy

PROPHECy is a sovereign solution dedicated to incident monitoring and remediation for a security team. The product focuses on providing a clear and easy way to handle security events through their life cycle with means to automate every steps.

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