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CMS Requester homepage

Visibility, reliability, ease-of-use: a few ways to accurately describe the new customer portal; which contains the “Contract Management System” (CMS) as named in the EU Framework contract soon to be launched by Airbus CyberSecurity to replace the SharePoint Extent.

The customer portal will combine the functionalities to end-to-end manage the Services Request initiated by/for the EU Institutionsas well as a shared document management area to store all contractual, operational and technical documents. The platform will also enable customers to communicate directly with the Airbus CyberSecurity team through discussion thread features.

The customer portal will be the exchange platform between the EU Institution and the Consortium members for the standard offer consultation, contractual documents consultation, and the management of requests until invoicing.

Throughout this article, we will explore the new customer portal and highlight some of its key features. 

CMS PO dashboard

Each user will have a customised interface, with access based on assigned rights and roles. For the users of an EU institution, there will be a dedicated community for the management of relevant services, ensuring data segregation between the institutions.

Data information is visible via various dashboard views, and filters may be utilised to help users quickly find what they are searching for, e.g. Service Requests, Purchase Orders, Deliveries, Invoicing, Renewals and SLA. Reports will highlight business activity through KPI and chart representations.

All Service Packages catalogues are integrated in the customer portal as a digital market place where contents can be quickly visualised.

The main aim of the new customer portal is to enable flawless end-to-end Service Requests management. All processes will be digitally-managed directly within the interface. Notifications will be sent by the customer portal and a pending tasks dashboard will be available to provide an adequate and steady follow-up. Data will be stored in a single database, preventing recopies and errors that may result from them.

The customer portal platform is hosted just outside of Paris at Airbus CyberSecurity’s Elancourt premises, on dedicated redounded servers that are directly managed by Airbus CyberSecurity architect experts.

Ease of use
Don’t have your computer at hand? This is not an issue. The customer portal utilises a responsive design that enables accessibility from any device (eg. laptop, smartphone, iPad, etc.) as long as it has an internet connection.

After accessing the platform, the homepage is divided into several sections, including news around our product portfolio, webinars, real-time catalogue updates and data at a global level.

Users also have the option of updating their user profile. Changing your password may be managed smoothly through your user profile or on the connection page via a specific link.  

CMS Catalogue 1

What is coming next?

Having led a pilot, the first version of our customer portal is expected to be released (with training) for EU Institutions before the summer break. Following this, the Airbus CyberSecurity team will handle your feedback to further improve the future versions of the customer portal.

The whole Airbus CyberSecurity team look forward to sharing the release of our customer portal soon!

If you are interested in learning more, please contact your Key Account Manager.

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