Managed Security Services

Organisations have become increasingly interconnected – and consequently more vulnerable to cyber threats. Digital and cloud technologies have modernised processes across IT and OT environments, enabling real-time collaboration and hybrid working.

Decision makers must now carefully manage cyber risks at each stage of their organisation’s value chain – including both modern and legacy systems – while complying with regulatory demands. This presents significant budget, resourcing and expertise challenges.

How can we help you solve these challenges?

Working with Airbus CyberSecurity as a Managed Security Services (MSS) provider, you’ll receive comprehensive support from our dedicated in-country specialists.

We will help you to:

  • Manage cyber risks from detection through to response
  • Increase efficiency by tapping into our pooled expertise
  • Adopt a strategic approach to security and maximise ROI by consolidating your cyber consulting, training, monitoring, management and response needs
  • Ensure total regulatory compliance by working closely with national regulators such as ANSSI
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Our approach

We appreciate that every organisation is unique and constantly evolving. This necessitates a highly tailored, flexible approach to cyber security.

With decades of experience protecting government, defence and critical business, our teams will always take the time to understand the specific cyber challenges for your organisation.

Throughout our entire managed security services portfolio, we’re committed to helping customers continually:

  • Assess current risks and identify their target maturity.
  • Define concrete objectives for an actionable cyber security roadmap
  • Design, manage and implement selected security measures, with an ethos of continuous mat
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Which solution is right for you?

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